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"It did not take long for Patrick Nims directing style to transcend the platform. Rather than pretending that nothing is wrong with the world, Nims embraces the strange, eerie atmosphere of 2020."
 - Alexa Chipman - Argus-Courier
"Unlike other Zoom productions, where actors stay carefully back from the camera, Nims focuses in on specific performances. The resulting in-your-face intimacy of monologues and carefully staged views of multiple cameras results in a far more intriguing visual. “Macbeth” has long inspired rumors of hauntings during its many productions. Nims leans into that tradition with unsettling photographs of vacant rooms and Tim Giugni’s ominous shadow puppetry."
"It is the breathtaking chemistry between Nick Medina (Macbeth, in Oregon) and Ash Reddington (Lady Macbeth, in New York) which sets this production apart, not the platform. Often actors in these roles are individually quite extraordinary, but it is rare to see them come together in such perfect harmony. Their scenes are riveting, and when Macbeth learns of her passing, his “sound and fury … signifying nothing” soliloquy is captivating in its raw grief."
 - Alexa Chipman - Argus-Courier
Audience Comments - 
"Innovative, provocative, Macbeth managed to get through the 'obstacles' imposed by our current state of affairs as it affects theatre, and present something that was not an excuse for not being able to present theater in its usual form, but rather a vibrant presentation of something altogether new and very much alive."
"I watched your MACBETH last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. This morning, I realized it was because you got the two fundamentals right -- the acting was superb, and the text did its job. Your technological achievement was to wrestle the computers, lights and mics to the ground to make them do your bidding! Congratulations!"
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