Sonoma Arts LiveRAINMAKER 5

"Director Patrick Nims has cast well for this production. The journey that Lizzy takes from her initial belief that she’s destined to live the life of an “old maid” is superbly handled in this rather sweet production."
"a story about perseverance and personal growth told really well by a talented ensemble."
- Harry Duke, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

"Director Patrick Nims utilizes Bruce Lackovic’s tiered, rustic set design for silent moments of rummaging through the kitchen, folding blankets in the tack room, and frantic clearing up in the sheriff’s office, without the need for dialog. Take a deep breath, sit back, and be present in this timeless story of self-discovery and hope. The Rainmaker challenges us to find a balance between dreams and reality, because in that space we can truly live.”
- Alexa Chipman, For All Events
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