6th Street PlayhouseGeorge M 1

"There are many excellent aspects of this production. Most notably, the direction of Patrick Nims. Working on a very simple set (by Sam Transleau) with impressionistic projections that establish locations, Nims has staged this George M! with verve and dynamism. He has an artist's eye for composition, creating some lovely tableaux, most notably a Last Supper-esque scene at a boardinghouse where the Cohans lived during one of their stops on the vaudeville circuit. And once those tableaux break, Nims keeps the pace rocketing along.”
- Patrick Thomas, Talking Broadway

"with its brisk direction by Patrick Nims, “George M!” at 6th Street is thoroughly entertaining, infectiously patriotic, and has some really fine tap dancing to boot, something you don’t often see on North Bay stages.”
- Suzzane Angeo, For All Events
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