"'Company' at Novato Theater Company is nothing short of wonderful. Michelin three-star: 'Worth a special journey.' Terrific ensemble, a couple of standout performances, excellent work from top to bottom.

Perhaps the best thing about this cast is how they come together as an ensemble under the skilled hand of director Patrick Nims."

- Patrick Thomas, Talking Broadway

"Under the direction of Patrick Nims, Novato Theater Company has just launched a well-performed production of this now-classic piece.  Company is extremely well done."
- Barry Willis, Marin IJ

"It takes guts - and a heck of a lot of talent - for a small local theater company to mount a multiple Tony-award-winning musical. Stephen Sondheim wrote the challenging lyrics and the music to 'Company'' and fans have been loving the tunes for decade. Can the Novato Theater Company make it or break it?

Lingering doubts evaporated with the rousing opening number, as fourteen big voices charged in perfect sync. The audience broke into spontaneous applause, knowing they were in for an evening of exceptional entertainment.”

- Cari Lynn Pace, Novato Advance

"Director Nims sets his sights on telling it like it is, at least as far as the playwright allows. He does not pull many punches with his characterizations, and draws the appropriate emotions out of his cast to add depth to the roles. Sometimes strong and boisterous, sometimes shy and hidden, the couples and singles emerge through the show to break out in the final scenes as people I might know.”

- Gary Gonser, Imagination Lane
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