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Oliver Twist was Charles Dickens' second novel, and it definitely was not a children’s book.

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Some people, when confronted with what West Side Story is really about, don't want to hear about it. 

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We live in fearful times. Regardless of your politics, economic status, or religious beliefs, I think you’ll agree that since 9/11/2001, life in America has felt increasingly tenuous, difficult and dangerous. But that does not mean that there has been any lack of joy, hope and love.

NTC Humans FB BannerIt is a tremendous honor to open the Novato Theater Company’s 100th season with THE HUMANS. The staying power of community theater is a testament to our need, as human beings, to tell stories. We learn from stories, we bond through stories, we escape through stories.

DSC 7009I’ve loved CRIMES OF THE HEART ever since I first read it years ago and it has always been my hope to someday direct it. CRIMES is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking as three “quirky” young women in a small southern town struggle to escape the future preordained by the notoriety that defined their youth.

2018 Theaters

2018 was a year of change and blessings.  Change in that I had the honor of working with five new (to me) theater companies over the course of the year.  Blessings in that I was welcomed and supported by every company I worked with.  Without exception, all of these companies are dedicated to making great theatre.  

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May and June were all about doing different jobs in new places. 

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Working the video installation and QLab programming for Jesus Christ Superstar is a great change from my normal too-many-hats responsibilities.

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