Zoom Spring 2020 Show Banners with Comments Diptic

Zoom Theatre has completed it's first "mini-season" experiment and it has been a blast.

I got to work with six amazing actors and two fabulous theatre techs who were willing to take a risk during a pandemic and jump into a new way of telling stories. We made theatre that to me felt timely, prescient, and it connected people. We were able to share live theatre with over 750 homes that "zoomed in" from all over the US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Israel, Germany, England, Australia, China and more. At the end of the last performance, the audience wanted to talk more about the show than how we did it, which I take as a good thing.

Now we're going to share what we've learned with anyone that cares to listen. You can reserve a seat here.

The initial experiment is done but the experimenting will continue as something wicked this way comes later this summer.