NTC Humans FB BannerIt is a tremendous honor to open the Novato Theater Company’s 100th season with THE HUMANS. The staying power of community theater is a testament to our need, as human beings, to tell stories. We learn from stories, we bond through stories, we escape through stories.

Community theater is open, accessible and affordable. That people dedicate weeks or months of their lives with no compensation just for the opportunity to be part of a story telling community demonstrates just how important community theater is. Professional theater is wonderful and filled with supremely gifted and talented individuals, and I’d venture that every one of them got their start and fired their passion in a school or community theater.

Even with non-existent budgets, limited rehearsal time and strained technical resources, community theaters create unique, vibrant and moving stories. Community theaters are an intrinsic part of and vital contributor to the health of our towns and cities. By attending this (and any other local theater performance), you are sharing an experience and connecting with your neighbors and community in ways that digital media can never match, and you are continuing a tradition that has been part of our history since its beginning, when we huddled in caves and told stories to get us through the night.

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