George M Heathers

COMPANY has opened and I am quite proud of this production (photos coming soon).  The cast and design team have been spot on and the quality of their work brings every performance to life. Now it is time to shift gears for two very different shows, GEORGE M! and HEATHERS.  

Where COMPANY is almost a revue (intimate scenes interspersed with amazing music) with no plot, GEORGE M! is plot driven and all about spectacle with over 30 musical numbers and fabulous production values.

Then from 1902 I'll jump to 1988 with the always inappropriate black comedy HEATHERS (which will open eight weeks after GEORGE M!).  HEATHERS is our annual MST sprint and it sure has the kids excited.  Approx 80 students have signed up to audition for about 20 spots.  They love this show and what is says about the pressures and realities of being a young person today.  

After HEATHERS there will be at least one more project in 2017, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it just yet, so stay tuned ...

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