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  • Two actors, a black box, and eight cameras

    15 May 2020

    Zoom Theatre's second show explored a different way to present "live over the web" theatre.  Two actors, in a box with eight cameras.  Audiences were moved to tears (in a good way).
  • A new way to tell stories

    13 April 2020

    Zoom Theatre closed it's first production and audience feedback included “blown away”, “superb", "highly recommend”, “inspired”, "absorbing! Don’t miss it”, "a new way to tell stories". It was great weekend of live performance over the web!
  • An Experiment in Theatre, Live over the Web

    03 April 2020

    I had a few minutes on my hands, so I decided to start ZOOM THEATRE, a new theatre for live performances on the web. There are three critical components that are core to Zoom Theatre.
Novato Theater CompanyDSC 0265 87
"Director Patrick Nims brilliantly choreographs humans under the microscope. We are observing the intimate collapse of the U.S. middle class?economic, medical, and emotional. Nims and the great cast make it funny and touching, as they look at the grim neighborhood and feel their fate descending."
 - Barry Horwitz - Theatris

Beverton Civic TheaterIMG 0421
"Director Patrick Nims may be new to Oregon, but Silent Sky is ample proof that his impressive Bay area resume is much more than hype."
 - Tina Arth - Westside Theatre Reviews


"'Company' at Novato Theater Company is nothing short of wonderful. Michelin three-star: 'Worth a special journey.' Terrific ensemble, a couple of standout performances, excellent work from top to bottom.

Perhaps the best thing about this cast is how they come together as an ensemble under the skilled hand of director Patrick Nims."

- Patrick Thomas, Talking Broadway
6th Street PlayhouseGeorge M 1

"There are many excellent aspects of this production. Most notably, the direction of Patrick Nims. Working on a very simple set (by Sam Transleau) with impressionistic projections that establish locations, Nims has staged this George M! with verve and dynamism. He has an artist's eye for composition, creating some lovely tableaux, most notably a Last Supper-esque scene at a boardinghouse where the Cohans lived during one of their stops on the vaudeville circuit. And once those tableaux break, Nims keeps the pace rocketing along.?
- Patrick Thomas, Talking Broadway

Marin Onstage2016 11 12 TIOY Dress 248 69

"Director Pat Nims deserves colossal acclaim for drawing exceptional performances from each ? and for staging effective physical bits . . ."
- Woody Weingarten, Marinscope Newspapers

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